Best Color changing nail polishes to change your mood.

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The Best Thermal Color Changing Nail Polish are :

  1. Sexy mix Gel Polish (also known as Sexy Mix Gel Polish) (The most effective nail polish with a color change)
  2. Cirque Polish (also known as Cirque Polish) (A high-end , premium color-changing polish)
  3. 1 KB Shimmer Polish (three colors) (An incredible three-color thermal polish)
  4. Del Sol Polish – (A sunlight-responsive polish that changing color with the sun)
  5. Born Pretty Polish – (A combination of a sunlight and a thermal reacting polish)
  6. INLP Polish – (A Birefringent color shifting nail polish)
  7. Mia Secret – (The most affordable mood polish)
  8. Aimeili Gel Polish The Aimeili Gel Polish (Has the largest selection of colors to pick from)

1- Sexy Mix Thermal Gel Nail Polish

Sexy Mix Gel Polishes is the brand name for colored gel nail polishes that I personally use and highly recommend.

At a low cost, these polishes boast remarkable properties that change color.

This is why Sexy Mix are currently one of the most popular colors changing polishes in the market.

Pros of Sexy Mix Thermal Polishes

Pros & Cons

  • They Show Brilliant and Obvious Changes In Color

  • Widely Use

  • Easy To Apply

  • Good Customer Service

  • They Look Decent At Room Temperature

  • Affordable


    1- They Show Brilliant and Obvious Changes In Color

    Sexy Mix Polishes are also known as thermal polishes. They change color as the temperature changes.

    You can see the colors shift with each one of the eight polishes by looking at the chart below.

    The lower part on each polish shows how they will appear when exposed to warm temperatures.

    The top portion shows how it could look in cold temperatures.

    How do thermal Polishes look when they’re cold?

    As temperatures drop as the temperature drops, the polishes transform into the color of deep and darker.

    Due to this feature it is my opinion that Sexy Mix polishes look more stunning at night or during winter.

    How Do Thermal Polishes Look When It’s Hot?

    If the temperature increases, the polishes change into a color lighter.

    In a room that is at a normal temperature your nails will have an even shade.

    Do the Thermal Polishes really change with your How You Feel?

    All polishes with thermal technology will alter its color based on the variation in your body temperature , which could result from mood changes.

    It is crucial to keep in mind that the colors will not drastically change in response to your mood however instead, the changes are delicate, this is true for any mood polish.

    The polishes can undergo radical changes due to environmental factors like being in a room with a cold, air-conditioned temperature.

    Continue reading to learn the reason for this. I’ll go into more detail later in the article.

    2- Widely Use

    Sexy Mix is among the most well-known brands of polishes that change color.

    What this means is the fact that this product has been tested and tested by a multitude of customers.

    3- Easy To Apply

    Sexy Mix Polishes are simple to use, its the same procedure as applying any other Gel nail polish.

    How to Apply:

    • Clean and prepare your nails with polish remover. Then, gently pushing your cuticles back
    • Then you’ll need to apply a base coat and allow it to cure for about 90 minutes in a UV light.
    • Apply two thin coats of Sexy Mix polish, letting each one set for 60 seconds.
    • Then apply a top coat to give your nails a nice, shiny. Let your top coat set for about 90 seconds

    4- Good Customer Service

    Sexy Mix polishes have excellent refund as well as a replacement guarantee.

    If you’re unhappy with the polish, you are able to return it.

    I prefer this option, especially when I’m testing a new product my first time.

    5- They Look Decent At Room Temperature

    One of the great aspects of Sexy Mix Polishes are that even at room temperature, they look amazing.

    In addition to other brands of color-changing polishes they are only nice in extreme temperatures.

    I’ve seen plenty of videos showing nails look amazing when they dip their nail color changing fingers in cold as well as moderately hot.

    At room temperature, their nails look dull You won’t experience this problem when you use Sexy Mix.

    6- Affordable

    Sexy Mix is one of the most affordable brands of polishes that are available.

    Comparatively, the second polish featured in the article happens to be my top but it’s priced at the price of three times as much as Sexy Mix.

    If you consider the affordable price for Sexy Mix and its great properties, you will discern why it stands over all the others.

    Drawbacks of Sexy Mix

    Pros & Cons

      • Needs a UV or Led Lamp To Cure

      • Limited Colors

      • Bottles are Small

      • Brushes Are Small

      • Looks Best With a Base Coat and Top Coat

      1- Needs a UV or Led Lamp To Cure

      Because this is a gel polish, you will require an UV Lamp or an LED Lamp to apply the polish.

      This is the most significant drawback in Sex Mix polishes.

      Thankfully , these lamps are inexpensive and even if they don’t own one, I would say they’re a worthwhile investment for just a few dollars.

      2- Limited Colors

      Sexy Mix is currently available in eight colors, which you must to buy in a bundle because they cannot be purchased in individual pieces.

      It’s really disappointing because the polishes they use are excellent and they should make sure they have more options.

      3- Bottles are Small

      I think I think that the Sexy Mix bottles are way too small at 7ml which means you’ll be needing to purchase them repeatedly which will increase the cost of shipping unless you have the prime.

      For comparison, the majority of polishes similar to this are available in 10ml bottles.

      Even though the bottles are tiny, the polishes are fairly large, which means you can apply less polish to each nail compared to other brands.

      4- Brushes Are Small

      Small brushes mean, based how big your nail you may need to apply two coats to cover them because.

      The reason for this is that the brushes only hold a small quantity of polish.

      So, because of this, you will have to take more time working on your nails.

      Note You may need two coats, not due to the fact that your polish may be thin, but because the brush size is not sufficient.

      Positively smaller brushes enable users to remain more precise and allows polishes to be applied more uniformly.

      5- Looks Best With a Base Coat and Top Coat

      Sexy Mix polishes tend to look their best when applied in together with an Base Coat and the Top Coat.

      They are able to work independently but will not have the same shining shine.

      Although Sexy Mix has these drawbacks I still recommend and use Sexy Mix because according to me, their benefits outweigh any negatives.

      2- Cirque Color Changing Mood Polish

      Cirque Colors are the best high-end color changing polishes available that are available.

      These polishes are extremely simple to use , and show incredible and vibrant color-changing capabilities.

      Cirque is an and independent company made up of six people producing small quantities of hand made polishes.

      This permits the company to maintain rigorous quality controls and as a result the polishes they use are stunning.

      Cirque’s principal goal is to create distinctive polishes that are not marketed to the major big companies.

      They are based out of Brooklyn NY and all of their polishes are produced directly in the city.

      Pros of Cirque Colors

      Pros & Cons

      • Amazing Color Changing Ability

      • Don’t Need a UV or Led Lamp

      • Easy to Use and Fast to Apply

      • Amazing Color and Designs To Choose From.

      • Safest Nail Polishes on The Market

      • Looks Amazing At Room Temperature


        1- Amazing Color Changing Ability

        The shade of Cirque polishes Mood changes dramatically and dramatically when the temperature rises or down.

        It has been my experience that they’re able to change in response to the body temperature fluctuates which means your mood could alter them.

        2- Don’t Need a UV or Led Lamp

        Cirque Color-Changing Polishes (CCP) are regular polishes and not gel polishes therefore you will not require an UV Lamp or Led Lamp to set, the polishes dry on their own.

        This is among the most significant advantages they have over gel polishes such as Sexy Mix.

        Although they’re not gel-based, they look as good or perhaps even better, in my opinion.

        You get the stunning look of gel polishes with any extra effort.

        3- Easy to Use and Fast to Apply

        Cirque polishes are simple to apply two coats, and your nails will appear like they are opaque and will already change color.

        I like applying a top coat to give my nails a more shiny but in the event that you want to give your nails more of a dull, boring look.

        If you want the polish you use to stay long, you must apply an initial coat.

        4- Amazing Color and Designs To Choose From.

        The many shades of polishes Cirque provides are refreshing, they are each distinctive and will definitely be noticed.

        My most favorite colors are:

        1- Rothko Red:

        My favorite color . It’s a dark blood red shade it’s perfect with Hot red lipstick.

        Rothko Red is a Rothko Red at cold temperatures turns into an oxblood-dark red, and a vibrant crimson-red when warm.

        2- La Vie En Rose:

        The next color I’m looking at is a gorgeous shade of pink which is great with lighter hues.

        When it’s cold, it’s a vibrant magenta pink and a delicate petal pink when it’s warm. As an added bonus is that it comes with shimmering holographic glitter.

        3- Patina:

        This is a metallic bronze color that goes well with all kinds of outfits. It is also great for a dress code for the office.

        Patina offers you an incredibly sexy and professional appearance.

        It’s dark bronze in cold temperatures and a light bronze in warmer temperatures.

        4- Luna Color:

        A stunning blue.

        5- Magic Turquoise:

        This polish is a light green in cold temperatures and changes to a light blue sky when it gets warm.

        Top Coat and Base Coat

        The Cirque’s Top Coat and Base Coat are more costly than standard brands, but they’re great.

        You are able to use any polishes from the same brand and if you already have one, you don’t need to purchase any.

        5- Safest Nail Polishes on The Market

        Every single one the Cirque polishes are safe to use since they are made from completely non-toxic substances.

        Their polishes are completely free of animal cruelty, meaning that no animals were injured to create or test the polishes.

        And they’re vegan, meaning that no animal products were used in the production of them.

        If you would like your polishes to meet the highest quality and moral standards Then Cirque Polishes are certainly the best choice.

        6- Looks Amazing At Room Temperature

        Cirques Colour changing polishes seem attractive at normal room temperatures.

        The thing I like about the nails is the fact that they’re so sensitive often the tips of your nails may display dark shades, while other nails will display an entirely different hue.

        This is due to the fact that the tip of your nail is more prone to being cooler.

        I am in love with this natural and contrast of two colors that is created by these polishes.

        Drawbacks of Cirque Colors

        Pros & Cons

          • Very Expensive

          • Needs More Variety of Colors

          1- Very Expensive

          Cirque Polishes are nearly twice the cost of normal polish.

          Due to the high price, I don’t blame anyone if you decide not to try it.

          In this case you really get what you spend for.

          I’m not convinced that the cost will decrease and the primary reasons for the price are:

          1 – Cirque Polishes can be made by hand by hand in NY.

          Also, the cost of labor is much higher and you can see that the majority of polishes are manufactured in factories overseas.

          2 – The second aspect is the fact that Cirque only makes use of high-quality, safe ingredients that tend to cost more.

          2. Needs More Variety of Colors

          Another area where Cirque could work on is the fact that they require more colors available to choose from.

          Who Should Get Cirque Polishes

          1. If You Can Afford it
          2. Great for Gifts These premium polishes are guaranteed to please.
          3. Salons that are high-end, If you are seeking a high-end colour-changing nail polish to use in your salon, these polishes are perfect for you.
          4. If you’re like me, and are particularly aware of the chemicals present in your polish,
          5. I’ll say it over and over again. Cirque Colors have far superior to other polishes in their emphasis on offering high-quality, safe and secure polishes.

          Who Cirque Polishes are not Suited For

          Because of the expensive cost, I would not advise these nail polishes If you’re in a pinch.

          If you’re looking for an affordable non-gel polish, continue reading.

          3- KB Shimmer Three Color Polish

          The KB Shimmer Polishes are a type of thermal polishes with remarkable color-changing capability.

          The greatest aspect of KB Polishes that they also have the capability of switching between three kinds of colors.

          It is evident what it looks like in the picture below.

          Pros Of KB Shimmer

          Pros & Cons

          • Can Potentially Shift Between Three Colors

          • Your Nails Might Be Multicolored

          • You won’t need the use of a Led or UV lamp


            1- Can Potentially Shift Between Three Colors

            KB Shimmer tri thermal Polishes are able to change between three different sets of colors.

            Warm – It turns into a light green

            Cold – It changes into a deep blue

            Normal Temperature It’s an ethereal purple.

            It’s different since the majority of color changing polishes come with a warmer or cold shade and in the phase of transition, the colors are usually lighter version.

            KB Shimmers on the other hand is an center resting shade that has a lighter purple.

            The color of your nails tend to stay at this color throughout the dayy unless you’re in a hot or cold place, like an air conditioner, wintertime, or it is a very hot day.

            2.Your Nails Might Be Multicolored

            With Tri-color polishes by KB, your nails while changing shades will show streaks of different shades.

            It’s a double-edged sword since it could cause your nails to appear messy, just imagine that you have put more than one polish color on.

            3. You won’t need the use of a Led or UV lamp

            KB Shimmer thermal polishes are normal polishes and don’t require an UV or Led Lamp for cure.

            They’re simple to apply, and they appear best when applied with the top coat, and more than two coats.

            Drawbacks of KB Shimmer

            Pros & Cons

              • Expensive

              • Looks Best With Long Nails

              • Limited Colors to Choose From

              1- Expensive

              KB Thermal Polishes are roughly double the price of most thermal polishes. They justify their price because of the tri-color capability.

              2- Looks Best With Long Nails

              To create the three-color effect simultaneously and in a consistent way, you’ll require long nails.

              The long nails enable every nail to have a distinct temperature that allows each piece of the nail have distinct in color.

              The area around the tip will be cold offering dark blue. The middle part will have balanced, which will give you a light purple and the area that is near the cuticle will be a light green due to being warm due to the body’s heat.

              3- Limited Colors to Choose From

              KB shimmer has only just a handful of colors available and I believe they should expand the color choices.

              4- Del Sol Solar Reactive Polish

              Del Sol polishes are sun or solar reactive polishes.

              This means that polishes produce stunning color changes when exposed to ultraviolet light.

              Del Sol Company Del Sol Company is a big well-known business that specialises in creating wearable devices that change color depending on the light.

              And they’ve been doing it since 1994, using their own patent-pending technology.

              In addition to along with Sunlight Reactive polishes, they also make amazing products like their T-shirts and cool accessories that change their colors as you walk around in the sunlight.

              The color changes are only temporary and will return to normal once you’re inside.

              Pros of Del Sol

              Pros & Cons

              • Instantaneous and Stunning Changes in the Sun

              • Won’t Require a UV or LED Lamp to Apply

              • Wide Variety Of Colors To Choose From


                1- Instantaneous and Stunning Changes in the Sun

                They are amazing polishes since they produce amazing changes in color once the nails have been exposed.

                This color shift happens more rapid than thermal polishes.

                It’s important to know that changes in color are only temporary and will change when you move under a shade.

                You can see the color shifts for these polishes in the video following.

                2- Won’t Require a UV or LED Lamp to Apply.

                Del Sol polishes are regular polishes and not gel, therefore you don’t require an LED or UV Lamp in order to set them.

                They’re easy to apply however for me, they require at least three coats in order to appear really nice The reason is that the polish is thin.

                Important Note

                Do not apply top Coat to your nails while you are using Del Sol, this will affect the color of your nails as the topcoat blocks sunlight.

                3- Wide Variety Of Colors To Choose From

                Del sol has more than 21 unique colors for you to pick from. They are available individually, so you can play with just one color at one time.

                DrawBacks of Del Sol

                Pros & Cons

                  • Kinda Looks too Plain Indoors

                  • Won’t Be so Effective on Cloudy Days

                  • Expensive

                  1- Kinda Looks too Plain Indoors

                  My primary problem about this nail polish is that inside your nails appear rather boring.

                  I prefer polishes that are beautiful all the time and not just due to a particular environmental element.

                  But I’d recommend you try them at least at least once.

                  2- Won’t Be so Effective on Cloudy Days

                  Even if it’s out in the open and you have lots of cloud cover and overcast the polishes shouldn’t change too much.

                  To truly perform your job, you require a bright day without clouds.

                  3- Expensive

                  Del Sol polishes are a little more expensive than the majority of colored polishes.

                  However, I think they’re worth the cost particularly if you intend to spend long periods of time.

                  They also come in huge 15ml bottles.

                  Who Should Try Del Sol Solar Polishes

                  • They are perfect when you are planning to spend the day, such as on the beach or on a hike.
                  • They also look great in black or UV light which are common in Clubs.

                  How Sunlight Reactive Polishes Work

                  The polishes alter their hue when in contact with UV radiation. they are able to do so because these polishes absorb the energy of UV light, which alters them on an molecular level.

                  This is similar to the way your transition lens inside your glasses darkens in the sun.

                  It is important to remember that these aren’t thermal polishes. Therefore, they don’t change in temperature fluctuations, but they will alter when exposed to ultraviolet light.

                  5- BornPretty Thermal & Sunlight Reactive Polish

                  This is a mix of a thermal and sunlight-reactive nail polish providing you with a polish with the capability to change into 4 different shades.

                  BornPretty is around for over 10 years. they are a known company that produces excellent nail polishes.

                  Pros Of BornPretty

                  Pros & Cons

                  • Ability To Have 4 Different Colors

                  • Very Affordable

                  • Doesn’t need an UV lamp to apply


                    1- Ability To Have 4 Different Colors

                    These polishes may come in four different colors, based on whether they’re:

                    1. Cold,
                    2. Warm,
                    3. In sunlight or
                    4. In the sun.

                    My opinion is that they look better in sunlight.

                    2- Very Affordable

                    BornPretty Polishes are significantly less in comparison to Cirque Polishes as well as KB Shine Polishes and are available in a set which comes with four different shades.

                    You have a few colors at a great price.

                    3. Doesn’t need an UV lamp to apply

                    Like Cirque polishes, BornPretty is a regular polishes, not gel-based which means you won’t require UV or Led lamp to treat it.

                    Drawbacks Of Born Pretty

                    Pros & Cons

                      • Looks Best in The Sun

                      • Requires Three Coats to Look Good

                      1- Looks Best in The Sun

                      BornPretty Polishes aren’t thermally sensitive as Cirque Polishes and other polishes made of gel.

                      However, they tend to produce more color changes when exposed to sunlight or extreme changes in temperature.

                      In addition, the polishes have lots of glitter, which appears sparkling in sunlight.

                      2- Requires Three Coats to Look Good

                      To make these polishes appear great, I suggest applying a white base polish and then three coats the polish with a color change.

                      Also, a top coat for give it a final look. If you don’t, the nails look nice and will not last very long.

                      BornPretty bottles are tiny at 6ml and, for some reason, they take a lengthy time to arrive.

                      Who Should Get BornPretty Polishes

                      BornPretty Color Mood Color Moods that change colors are fantastic for those who plan to spend lots of time in the summer sun.

                      6- ILNP Polish Color Changing Polish

                      ILNP polishes are birefringent nail paints.

                      What this fancy word means is that these polishes alter in hue based on the angle at which light strikes as it bounces off the nails.

                      This implies that when you shift your hand around, the shade that your polish will change.

                      These polishes are manufactured through ILNP Cosmetics.

                      Fun fact INLP is the acronym for the word I Love Nail Polish.

                      Pros of INLP Polish

                      Pros & Cons

                      • Instant and Amazing Color Changing Ability

                      • No Need For UV or Led Lamp to Cure

                      • Easy to Apply


                        1- Instant and Amazing Color Changing Ability

                        These polishes are easily cleaned and alter their color when they move.

                        ILNP polishes don’t require a temperatures as well as UV light in order to alter the color. All you need to do is alter the direction on the hand to change the position of your hand and then the colour changes.

                        The color shift is amazing. The first time I tried them, I was caught up in the constant changing colors as I moved around.

                        2- No Need For UV or Led Lamp to Cure

                        ILNP is a normal polish, so you don’t require the use of a UV or Led Lamp to cure it.

                        3- Easy to Apply

                        The polishes don’t need any coatings, or basecoats.

                        Two coats of nail polish and your nails will look stunning.

                        Drawbacks Of ILNP

                        Pros & Cons

                          • Expensive

                          • Limited in Color

                          1- Expensive

                          ILNP polishes are expensive far more expensive than the average nail polish, however I believe they’re worth a try at the very least.

                          Be aware that you could be enticed.

                          2- Limited in Color

                          At the time of writing this article, ILNP is the only one with a handful colors available in a variety of different shades.

                          7- Mia Secret (Mood Polish)

                          Mia Polishes are among the most affordable polishes that change color on the market.

                          I’ve never tried them before , but I decided to feature them due to their low cost.

                          Mia Polishes are thermal polishes, which means that they will change colour as temperatures go both up and down.

                          They’re also regular polishes, which means that you don’t require the use of a UV lamp in order in order to treat them.

                          Pros and Cons Of Mia

                          When I research Mia I have learned that they’re extremely popular likely due to their affordable price.

                          However, they’re an assortment of opinions about them, so their quality and reliability are questioned.

                          With their current low cost, Mia Mood Polishes could be perfect for kids, or simply an enjoyable activity for the girls during an overnight.

                          And I am sure your girls would love the simplicity of colors offered by Mia.

                          8- Aimeili Color Changing Gel Polishes

                          Aimeili Polishes are one of the most sought-after color-changing gel polishes that are available.

                          They are also known as thermal gel polishes, which means they change color when temperatures change.

                          I had a difficult time picking which one to pick between Sexy Mix because they are identical.

                          The sole reason I picked Sexy Mix over them is the fact that I’ve utilized Sexy Mix more often than Aimeili.

                          Pros Of Aimeili

                          Pros & Cons

                          • Stunning Color Changes

                          • Wide Variety Of Colors to Choose From

                          • Very Affordable

                          • Easy to Apply & Long Lasting


                            1- Stunning Color Changes

                            Aimeili Polishes are extremely sensitive to temperature variations and display a noticeable shift in color as temperatures fluctuate.

                            In cold weather, they exhibit the color of a deep shade, and when the temperature rises, they shift to a lighter shade.

                            2- Wide Variety Of Colors to Choose From

                            Aimeili is by far the largest selection of colors availableover other brands of thermal polishes.

                            There are currently at least 25 colors.

                            3- Very Affordable

                            Aimeili Polish is reasonably priced and are available in a bundle.

                            They are also available in large 10ml bottles that are much bigger that Sexy Mix.

                            4- Easy to Apply & Long Lasting

                            Aimeili Polishes are easy to apply, using similar to any other gel polish.

                            Two coats is sufficient I’ve discovered that thin layers work the best and each coat should be cured for one minute under the UV Lamp.

                            I would suggest that they will look better with top coats and base coat.

                            The top and bottom Coat will cure in about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes.

                            Like most gel polishes, they last for a lengthy time about 18 to 21 days, depending on the amount of work you engage in.

                            Drawbacks of Aimeili

                            Pros & Cons

                              • Needs a UV or an Led Lamp To Cure

                              • Looks Much Better With a Top and Base Coat

                              1- Needs a UV or an Led Lamp To Cure

                              Like all gel polishes you’ll need an UV or Led Lamp in order to treat the polish.

                              2- Looks Much Better With a Top and Base Coat

                              Aimeili Polishes are similar to almost all thermal polishes need the use of a top coat to get that shiny and glossy finish.

                              What Are Mood Changing & Thermal Nail Polishes?

                              The mood Changing Polishes for nails are Thermal Polishes which means that their colors will be modified primarily by the temperature fluctuations and not always due to your mood.

                              Can The Colors Actually Change Because of Your Mood

                              Yes, color shifts in certain mood polishes could result from dramatic changes of your mood.

                              The reason is that your moods influence your body’s temperature which can cause the polishes to change the color.

                              The colors of the polishes will shift more prominently when you’re either happy or angry.

                              This is because of the rapid growth in blood flow within your arms caused by endorphins and adrenaline. This increases the body’s external heat , which causes the polishes’ color to change.

                              It’s crucial to keep in mind that the changes are minimal, meaning that the color won’t change significantly due to emotions.

                              This is because they require larger temperature fluctuations for a dramatic change in the color.

                              Most polishes require a minimum temperature difference between 5 and (3oC) to cause significant color shifts.

                              The mood swings of your own can’t dramatically alter your body’s temperature and cause a drastic change in your color, as it would if you put the nails into cold water.

                              If that’s the case I would suggest making an appointment with a physician.

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