Can you use base coat as a top coat? Are they really interchangeable?


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Действительно ли возможно использовать базовое покрытие в качестве верхнего покрытия и можно ли использовать верхнее покрытие в качестве базового покрытия, и будет ли оно работать?

Базовое покрытие для гель-лака и верхнее покрытие идентичны, за исключением того, что они поставляются в разных флаконах. Люди часто задаются вопросом, могут ли они использовать верхние покрытия в качестве базовых или наоборот, когда они заканчиваются.

Gel polish base coat acts as a transition layer between the natural nail plates and the gel polish color. It works like a double-sided tape. The gel polish top coat is designed to give the color a mirror-like shine while protecting it. It acts as a sealer. They are not interchangeable because they are structurally and functionally different.

Gel top coat and base coat are different?

A gel base coat acts in the same way as a topcoat and regular base coat. It bridges the gap between the natural nail skin and the gel color polish. It adheres to nails better than color polishes.
The gel top coat seals the gel color polish and gives it an opulent, mirror-like shine that is scratch-resistant.
To have a gel manicure that lasts, you need to apply both the topcoat and base coat.
These are the differences in how gel top coats and base coats should be applied. Gel manicures will no longer last as long or shine as they used to.

Is it possible to use a top coat and gel base alone?

Yes, you can use a gel top coat as clear gel polish. Clear gel polish is not available. Here’s what you can do if you want to have a clear gel nail polish look.
Prepare your nails the same as you prepare colors.
For 30 seconds, apply one layer of gel-based base coat.
For 30 seconds, apply a gel topcoat.
Gel top coat: Apply one more coat and let it dry for 30 seconds.
You are done if the gel top coat you used is not wiping. If the gel top coat is non-wiping, you can remove the residue layer using an alcohol-based cleaner.

Two coats of gel topcoat are possible?

Under these conditions, you can apply two coats gel top coats.
If you have thin natural nails, two layers of gel topcoats can be applied to increase their thickness. This will make your nails stronger and more resistant to breaking, splitting, and tearing.
To ensure that the gel topcoat’s mirror shine lasts longer if you use your hands or have come into contact with something sharp, you can add another layer of gel coat.

Two coats of gel base can you apply?

You can apply two coats gel base coat. This will make thin or weak natural nails stronger so that they don’t break easily.
To prevent bubbling or wrinkling from occurring when curing thick gel bases, make sure you separate each layer for 45 seconds.
To prevent premature peeling, be sure to cap the edge.

Do you need the gel top coat and base kit?

Gel top coat and base coat are often sold in pairs by many gel polish manufacturers. If you are a gel polish artist at home, I recommend that you purchase this set. You will avoid any mishaps caused by using two brands, as they may not work together.

What happens if you don’t use a base coat gel polish?

Gel polish is a double-sided tape that acts between a gel polish color and a natural nail plat. Gel polish’s best feature, the two-week-long wearing ability, will be lost if you don’t use the gel base coat.
When you don’t want your gel polish to last for a few days, or just for a weekend, you should not use a base coat.
Additionally, if you don’t apply a base coat, the nail plate could be stained by the dark gel polish that was applied directly to it.

Is it possible to use a gel topcoat as a base coat?

No. Gel top coats are not designed to stick to natural nails for more than two weeks. Gel top coats are not meant to be used as a base coat. They will not last for the same amount of time as gel polish.
Gel top coats and base coats also have different curing times. Incorrect curing will lead to gel polish wearing for two weeks less.
Gel base coats are not necessary if your gel polish is not going to last for more than two weeks. This is because people don’t want to wear color polish on their nails. It could be a personal preference or a job requirement. They only require the color polish for weekends.
Gel topcoat can be applied to your nail plate prior to applying color polish. This will prevent gel polish from staining your nails.

Gel base coat sticky?

Gel polish basecoat works like double-sided tape. Even after being cured under UV light, it will still feel sticky.
The gel basecoat should not be wiped with any cleaner. This will cause a change in the nail’s surface. The gel color you apply next to it might not stick well to it. Premature peeling and lifting may also occur.

What other options are there for a gel base coating?

You can use a gel topcoat as a base coat if you don’t have a gel base coat. Your gel polish may chip, peel or lift from your nails within a few days. This clear topcoat, even though it may seem unnecessary, will protect your nails from the gel polish color staining.

Gel polish to strengthen nails?

Гелевое базовое покрытие и топовое покрытие отлично подходят для укрепления тонких ногтей.
Оба должны быть нанесены на ногти тонким слоем, а затем отдельно выдержаны в УФ-лампе в течение 30-45 секунд.
Этот вариант позволяет через неделю нанести всего один слой гелевого топа и базового покрытия, придав ногтям свежий вид.
При желании вы можете подстричь ногти и снять верхнее покрытие и гелевое базовое покрытие.

Бренд топового покрытия и гелевой базы?

Gellish — единственный бренд, который я использовала в своем многолетнем гель-маникюре для клиентов. Нанести тонкий слой базового покрытия очень просто, используя короткую жесткую кисть из флакона. Мне нравится консистенция моего верхнего покрытия, и оно хорошо работает при любых температурах.

Бренд топового покрытия и гелевой базы?


Gellish — единственный бренд, который я использовала в своем многолетнем гель-маникюре для клиентов. Нанести тонкий слой базового покрытия очень просто, используя короткую жесткую кисть из флакона. Мне нравится консистенция моего верхнего покрытия, и оно хорошо работает при любых температурах.

Какие бренды наиболее популярны для топового покрытия и гелевой базы?

Все они делают отличные продукты. Вам решать, подходят ли они вам.
Удачного гелеобразования.

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